The Based God

Malcolm Wiener, Staff Writer

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On August 17, 1989 the man who would completely change hip hop was born. This boy was named Brandon McCartney and he would become extremely influential in the rap game. McCartney attended high school at Albany High and adopted the stage name Lil B when he began his career in rap at the age of sixteen. He began this career by joining The Pack, a San Francisco based hip hop group formed in 2004, the group was made of rappers Lil B, Young L, Stunnaman, and Lil Uno. The Pack recorded their first two mixtapes “Wulfpack Muzic Vol. 1” and “Wolfpack Muzik Vol. 2” in Young L’s home studio after a year. These mixtapes did not gain the group much attention but when their 2006 tape “Skateboards 2 Scrapers” released they were able to gain much more attention because of the track “vans” which ended up being placed as number 5 on Rolling Stones 100 best songs of 2006. In October 30, 2007 The Pack released their debut album ‘Based Boys” with the label Jive records. The Pack continued to make music until 2011 and then it was thought that they were done until they released another single and album in 2018.

In September of 2009 Lil B released his first solo digital album, “I’m Thraxx”. The album was released under the label Permanent Marks and it featured 21 songs and not a single feature. Just a few months after his first album Lil B released his second album on December 22, 2009. The album was called “6 Kiss” and at the time it was not thought of as a great album but it’s influence in modern hip hop is everywhere from how artists dress and started to give rappers a whole new image. “6 Kiss” also did not have any features and it was released under the same label as his previous album. On March 25, 2010 Lil B released his debut mixtape named “Dior Paint”. That same year on April 3rd he signed to the label Stacks on Deck

Entertainment which is owned by artist Soulja Boy. After just over a year of being a solo artist Lil B had already recorded over fifteen hundred tracks which is much more than almost all hip hop artists at the time had in their whole career. In 2011 Lil B announced his next album would be titled “I’m Gay” causing much controversy. Even though he created all this controversy when the album “I’m Gay (I’m Happy)” was released in June of 2011 the release was able to enter Billboards R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart as number 56. The album also entered the Heatseekers Albums chart at number 20 for the week of July 16. In 2012 Lil B released yet another first for him in the form of his first instrumental album, “Choices and Flowers”. This album has even more significance because it was also the first release under his alias The Basedgod. Lil B left the genre of hip hop in September 2012 to release a rock single, “California Boy”. The Basedgod would also release his second instrumental album “Tears 4 God” in December 2012. Lil B was able to release almost all of his songs for free and was truly one of the first rappers to take the internet and social media to his complete advantage. Basedgod was able to create a huge cult following using myspace where he would actually talk to his fans and create relationships with people. Lil B has released masses of music in his career he has released approximately 50 mixtapes, 10 studio albums, and 1 ep and his total amount of released songs is around 900 not including features. Lil B was one of the first artists in the rap game that would break boundaries about how rappers look, speak, and do not to mention the fact that he has broke boundaries genre wise leaving the rap genre multiple times to create different style music.