Collector’s Items Collecting Worth

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Collector’s Items Collecting Worth

Reston Arron, Staff Writer

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A baseball signed by Babe Ruth, The Black Lotus, a gen one Charizard card. Each of these objects has one thing in common: Its extreme value. With each of these items, there are reasons they grew to become so expensive that the average person would not know. In this article, I will be exploring how these objects got so expensive, and what the guidelines are for determining its price.

Signed Baseballs

A baseball only is expensive when it is signed, regardless of who you say threw it. Having a baseball, or any piece of memorabilia signed is one of the only ways it will achieve any value, because you have proof that someone famous actually had it at one point in time. In baseballs, were the signature is very important. On most autographed baseballs the signature will be in a place called the“sweet spot”. This place is between the side panels, on the little bridge between them. Most highly valued baseballs are free of wear and tear, so they look more aesthetically pleasing in a collection than scuffed and dirty baseballs. A dirty baseball with a faint signature, even if it is on the sweet spot, will be less valued compared to a clean autographed baseball. For example, a dirty faint Babe Ruth baseball is valued at nearly 6,000 dollars compared to a clean Babe Ruth baseball valued at 124,000 dollars. General cleanliness is quite important when it comes to collecting. Finally, the biggest amount of money gained is in how many exist in the world signed by that player. This can make or break a baseball on the market.

The Gen-1 Charizard

The Pokemon Trading Card Game was introduced in 1998, and has a large following today. One of the top valued cards was the Gen-1 Charizard. This card is even less printed than The Black Lotus, at 1,077 cards printed, unfortunately it cannot compare price wise at 55,000 dollars. This card only gained its value from its age.

The Black Lotus

In Magic The Gathering, the inventors of the game had trouble balancing their cards. Some were more powerful than others, but some were just too powerful. These 9 cards became known as the Power 9. Their names are Black Lotus, Ancestral Recall, Timetwister, Time Walk, and the Moxen, a group of cards which give you more mana to cast spells with. They each had various overpowered effects, and this would be balanced if not for their cheap casting cost. This means that in the beginnings of this game, people would come searching for these cards to use in their decks, and would spread the rumor of these cards far and wide, increasing the demand for these cards so much, that the company printed more of them, which negatively impacted the cost of these cards. Soon after, in 1993, the Reserved list was created, stating that certain cards would not be reprinted, so that the cards could both increase in value and be banned from certain games of Magic. At the top of all of these cards was The Black Lotus. It is the most expensive card in existence, with only 1,100 of the alpha version of this card in the market, it is the most expensive card in history, being sold on EBay on March 5th, 2019 for 166,100 dollars. It is still banned to this day, so collectors will only have it to appreciate and resell.