Yeti Madness: A Rallying Event

Solomon Jones, Staff Writer

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On Friday, March 1st, the students of XTH had their first pep rally in the new gym. The whole week, I was waiting for Friday to come, and when it did I was actually excited.  Why?  Because:  1. I finally got to see the gym finished, and 2. I got to play basketball with teachers and staff, and then against my teammates.

The first event we had in the gym was the student/staff basketball and it was very fun. The teachers were better than I thought! It seemed like everybody was having a good time competing against each other in a fun, no pressure way. If you asked me, I wish we could have another one! That’s how fun it was. After the game ended it was time to go home for most students, but the fun wasn’t over yet. There was still another event happening at 5:00…the blue vs white basketball game.  There was also dancing, singing, and more.

I was on the blue team and of course my team was going to win… The whole event was amazing and well thought out! (Go Coach T!). Before the game started, we had the choir sing the national anthem and they did a wonderful job. Next the game started and by halftime the BLUE team was winning! For halftime the dance team had came up with a routine to perform and it was incredible. Eventually, the game ended and you already know who won.  The…..BLUE TEAM!!!!!!

When the event was finally over, I started to look around and saw people laughing, conversing, taking pictures and hanging out. This whole event was perfect for the school because it showed how, as a school, we all can put effort into hosting perfect events like this.  In all, it was good to see that the whole school could just hang out and get along well with each other, as well as

perform well with one another.