Analyzing the Top 50 Songs on Billboard

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Analyzing the Top 50 Songs on Billboard

Alex Ferryman, Contributor

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So, I listen to a lot of music and I’ve always seemed to discover music a little after it was popular.  So, I decided today I would look at what is deemed “popular” by the internet. I’m referring to the “Billboard Hot 100,” which wants to define the top 100 popular songs in the nation at any given time. In this article, I am going to give my thoughts on every song up to 50 on the Hot 100 in the week of 3/3/19 to 3/10/19.

#1-7 Rings by Ariana Grande- This song has had a lot of issues recently due to some people saying that she is culturally appropriating black culture with the line “You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it,” but my main problem is that I just don’t love when Grande raps. I don’t like this song and I’m not sure how it got #1 in the country.

#2- Without Me by Halsey- I really don’t like Halsey and it may be because I have a base dislike for Pop and she remains one of the only huge pop stars in a world of pop-rap and mumbling rap. This song though has a very catchy hook and while not amazing could be worse.

#3- Sunflower by Post Malone- This song was actually a song I hated at first, but it really grows on me and I think its the infectious happy tone that Malone and Swae Lee bring to the song, but I’m very surprised that a movie soundtrack song is this good.

#4- Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande- God, I am so tired of this song, but it is not going away anytime soon. My social media has been filled with floods of “thank you, next,” and it’s crazy to see the influence of this song. I like the music video but this song is overplayed as hell at this point.

#5- Please Me by Cardi B/Bruno Mars– I really loved the Finesse remix where Bruno brought Cardi on, and I had higher hopes for this song. Bruno and Cardi give a super infectious hook, but I just don’t really like Cardi’s verse which is disappointing.

#6- Happier by Marshmello/Bastille- So, I haven’t listened to electric music in a long time, and this song isn’t necessarily bad but it isn’t about to make me start listening to electronic again.

#7- Sicko Mode by Travis Scott/Drake- I have heard this song at least 1000 times, and while it is still overplayed I just can’t get it out of my head and the beat switches and Drake verse give this song major staying power and I don’t see it going anywhere soon.

#8- Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored by Ariana Grande- Ariana Grande is covering the charts right now and this song is a good example of why because this song has a catchy beat with a chorus that will convince you to break up with your girlfriend.

#9- High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco- This song is very motivational and if you are in one of those moods this song is good for you, but this song is pretty one dimensional and I definitely think Panic! At The Disco could have done a lot better.

#10- Wow. by Post Malone- Man, Post Malone is everywhere right now, but this song is not a good indicator of why. This song is just lazy and I don’t know why it is loved so much.

#11- Middle Child by J Cole- This song is super good and it is what you expect from Cole at this point. He has cemented his state in rap today and this song simply backs it up. It explains how J Cole feels he is treated and it’s just a solid song.

#12- Eastside by Benny Blanco- This song is largely forgettable and it showcases the boring sides of Khalid and Halsey.

#13- Thotiana by Blueface- This song is a good example of a viral hit and the many remixes of this song show the success of it. The song is dumb fun and should be treated as such, but it is pretty good for being fun.

#14- Murder on My Mind by YNW Melly- This song is more haunting to listen to, due to the charges Melly is facing, The song itself is pretty good but falls flat at times.

#15- Going Bad- Meek Mill/Drake- Securing a Drake feature these days almost verifies a hit, but when he works with another superstar it can combine to create a really good rap song like Going Bad.

#16- Money by Cardi B- This song can make anyone feel like their own boss and manages to keep a good song while having the simple message of money.

#17- A Lot by 21 Savage- This song starts off with beautiful vocals that then blend into the background as Savage begins discussing having “A Lot” of everything including more morbid and thoughtful things. I really like this side of the rapper and would love to see more.

#18- Drip Too Hard by Lil Baby/Gunna- This song is a banger, and it doesn’t need to be much more than that. It’s pretty good but could obviously be better.

#19- Girls Like You by Maroon 5/Cardi B- I literally hate this song and I cannot believe everyone loves it so much. Cardi B is the only grace for this song but Maroon 5 managed to screw it up.

#20- Better by Khalid- Off first listen this song comes off as some boring pop music and it never really manages to escape that. It is fairly uninteresting and couldn’t keep me listening.

#21- Shallow by Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper- Cooper and Gaga have undeniable chemistry and it shows on this song. This isn’t my favorite genre, but this song is very good.

#22- ZEZE by Kodak Black/Travis Scott-This song has an extremely infectious beat along with some easily memorizable lyrics. It’s another banger but one of the best kind.

#23- Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs- Country music isn’t really what I grew up on, so I fall on the spectrum of disliking it. This song does not make me want to pick it up really.

#24- MIA by Bad Bunny/Drake- Drake Feature. Do I need to say more, and if you felt that Drake couldn’t carry a song he doesn’t have to because Bad Bunny is a genuine star who deserves to be treated as such these days.

#25- Dancing With A Stranger- Sam Smith/Normani- This song has really nothing to make it super good, but nothing to make it bad either. It’s just an okay song.

#26- Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer- You may have mainly heard this song in the summer, but man it is still pretty good. The beat is nice and it is a prime boy band song.

#27- Robbery by Juice Wrld- Juice does his normal heartbroken routine here but here it’s a little more high pitched and annoying. At times I can enjoy this song, but it is not his best.

#28- Better Now by Post Malone-  When I first heard this song I knew it would be a hit and there’s a good reason why. It has a very catchy hook and memorable lyrics and is just one of the multitude of hits Malone has.

#29- Sweet But Psycho by Ava Max- This song has possibly one of the most irritating hooks I’ve heard all year and this song is not even that good. Like, I’ve never even heard this song on the radio.

#30- Be Alright by Dean Lewis- There is really a time and place for this song and I don’t think I’m really in the target mental state to like this song, but I can see why people like it.

#31- Tequila by Dan+Shay- This song sounds like a basic pop song, but there is an audience for this song and I am not that target audience.

#32- Bury a Friend by Billie Eilish- This song is dark and has a dark beat, but that is what sets this song apart from normal pop songs because this song can claim to be and is not your average pop song.

#33- I Like it by Cardi B/Bad Bunny/J Balvin- I love this song and I am glad that Latin Pop made a comeback because this song really gets you going with a bouncy beat, a great sample, and a song that anyone can appreciate.

#34- You Say by Lauren Daigle- This is a normal ballad that has an empowering message, but the song itself is really just okay. I don’t really get what makes it the thirty-fourth best song in America though.

#35- Leave Me Alone by Flipp Dinero- This song is some really dumb fun, and I have to say anyone can enjoy yelling the chorus of “Leeeave me Alooone,” which allows for the listener to have fun while blasting this song.

#36- Wake Up In The Sky by Gucci Mane/Bruno Mars/Kodak Black- YES, I absolutely love this song with it’s smooth hook from Bruno Mars to great verses from Gucci Mane and Kodak.People of all ages can enjoy this song and that’s for a reason.

#37- Close To Me by Ellie Goulding X Diplo Featuring Swae Lee This song has a nice beat, but that is were anything super special about this song which is pretty boring.

#38- Baby Shark by Pinkfong- Who let this happen. Like explain, this song irritates everyone and started on Youtube for young children. So, how did this end up here at number thirty-eight?

#39- Look Back At It by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie- This song has a smooth hook and it goes super well with A Boogies voice and this song is surprisingly good.

#40-Mo Bamba by Sheck Wes- This song is a banger and it can be recognized by anyone under the age of 21. It’s everywhere and even though it is kinda old, I assumed it’d be higher.

#41- Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD- This song is a bit of an anthem for heartbroken teens and has been overplayed to the point of no return. The song is good, but I have heard it too many times.

#42- Envy Me by Calboy- This song went viral through a dance challenge and I am not sure how this has stayed on the charts for this long as it is kinda mediocre.

#43- Swervin by A Boogie/6ix9ine- 6ix9ine is super played out at this point and this verse he contributes is not very good, but A Boogie is alright on this track.

#44- Taki Taki by DJ Snake/Selena Gomez/Ozuna/Cardi B- As I said, I am here for Latin Pop so I really like this song as well. It has an earworm beat and a chorus that will not leave your head even if you want it to.

#45- This Is It by Scotty McCreery- This is one of the songs rounding out the top 50 and I really feel like this could be any other song because this song is very non-descript and there is nothing special about this.

#46- NASA by Ariana Grande- Arian Grande is the queen of the charts for better or not, but I actually kind of like this song if I am being honest and the whole part about “needing space.”

#47- Backin’ It Up by Pardison Fontaine/Cardi B- This song has some heavy bass lines for a rap song, but I really like this song and Cardi B. She is another cheat feature like Drake.

#48- Needy by Ariana Grande- This song should be higher on the charts, this song is just super good and has a message that you can relate to even if you think you don’t relate to it.

#49- Red Room by Offset- Offset is one of the Migos and the main issues with them is that they just cannot perform on their own that well. It runs the same here, this song is just okay and would probably be better as a Migos song.

#50-Talk by Khalid-This song has a super bouncy beat with melodies that won’t leave your head soon, and I can see what other people like in this song.